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Neuma color healthHealth…making well informed choices that maximize well-being.

The way we care for ourselves shapes everything about us. Consider the following:

An average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin each day; approximately 60% of these chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream. With the number of people with eczema, allergies and other health related issues like cancer on the rise – could these conditions be aggravated by the growing number of chemicals used in our personal care products?

Consider carefully not only what goes on your skin, but your hair as well. Many hair care products contain potentially unhealthy ingredients (harmful not only to us, but to our environment). Shampoos cause the greatest number of adverse reactions of all hair care products. This difficulty is exacerbated by when & where these chemicals are applied: at our skins most vulnerable time – when we are in, or right after, a hot shower. Hot water (and soaps) washes off our skin’s protective sebum while opening pores and allowing skin to more readily accept whatever chemicals we apply.

These harsh detergents, chemical fragrances and numerous irritating compounds have damaging long-term side effects. NEUMA recognizes the need to provide products that are free of carcinogens, harmful chemicals and environmental toxins. Our products are lovingly formulated free of parabens, gluten, disodium EDTA, benzyl alcohol, SLS, SLES and other risky ingredients.

NEUMA was developed by a leading team of cosmetic chemists. Their challenge – to create a professional performance hair care line that would be free of ingredients suspected of contributing to human or environmental health problems.  By incorporating essential oils, certified organic extracts, essential fatty acids and vegetable proteins, our products treat your hair, and our environment, with kindness. These safe, mild ingredients leave your hair healthy and silky with a radiant shine. Stylists and friends painstakingly test each of our formulas to ensure true professional performance honoring our natural, healthy and organic principals.

In developing NEUMA, we discovered a lot about ourselves…our choices, our responsibility for our planet & each other, our health & well-being. We are hopeful for what our tomorrow may look like because of the choices we are making today.

NEUMA is about being beautiful…. in all the right ways.

Create It! Natural Styling Products

The “It” line  has a Thermal Protectant in all the products. It is Color safe and Humidity Resistant.  It doesn’t have a flaky residue.  Adds a  Brillant Shine to ones hair.  Made in the U.S.A.  Enriched with Vitamins A,B,D and antioxidants (E) It is not tested on animals!!  and the bottles are all recyclable.  This product I use in my salon and also sell.  Come on in and give it a try. It is also a Gluten-Free hair product.

Create I!t "IT" line
Styling aids


Create It! Natural Hair Products

Simplicity Line
Free of Parabens, Wheat, Sulfates, Peanut, Sunflower, Dyes
Do you have problems with an itchy scalp,blisters on your scalp, problems with your hands. Well, this product is for you. It is Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Peanut Oil, Wheat, Sunflower Oil. The” Simplicity Line” is safe for the person that highlites and colors their hair. It is Humidity reisistant, and gives Brilliant Shine. It is Enriched with Vitamins A,B,D and antioxidants (E). It is UVA/UVB Protected. Made In The U.S.A!!!


About Moroccan Oil

76778_10150124650387564_336396232563_7859165_3202853_aI started to use Moroccan oil a couple years ago.  I love this product.   It is ultra light and is a non-greasy formula of Argan oil that seals in shine and looks so healthy.   To use Moroccan oil, take a few drops onto your palms  and massage it onto your hair after shampooing and conditioning.  When you keep on using this product your hair continues to improve, alleviating split ends and brittle ends.  It absorbs instantly into your hair and eliminates frizz, speeding up styling time by 40%.  It softens thick and unmanageable hair, strengthens brittle hair and protects against UV damage and other environmental factors.

Moroccan oil treatment is stored in an amber glass bottle that protects the oil from ultra violet rays that can cause oxidation and degradation.  Suggested uses and directions:  Apply a small amount of Moroccan oil on palms and work through damp hair after shampooing.  Style as usual.  Protection:  Apply a small amount to dry hair to protect from damage caused by sun, wind, and other harsh environmental factors.

Moroccan Oil is a revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning hair product.

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