Making hair look and feel stronger

Protein reconstructor is specifically formulated for dry, brittle, damaged(oxidized) or tangled hair that needs immediate repair.  The protein builder penetrates the hair shaft to fill in the gaps where the protein particles are drawn exactly to the areas of the hair that needs protein.  Unlike other conditioners it does not simply coat the hair but […]

Blonde Brightner

Would you like your blonde hair to be brighter and increase shine and vibrancy while helping to prevent damage from air and water? The brightener is formulated for hair that has been shampooed in hard water or exposed to water softeners that use salt and or phosphates. It will  lift minerals and oxidizers, removing the […]

Hair Conditioning

When buying a conditioner make sure you pick one with a “thermal protector” ingredient like dimethicone or phenyltrimeticone.  These ingredients protect your hair from heat, which is especially important if you blow-dry your hair.   When you are using conditioner, first apply a small amount to the ends,  where the hair is the driest.  Then work […]

The Process of Cleansing and Conditioning the hair

To maintain healthy hair you have to wash it on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean washing you hair every day. You do not want to dry out your hair or scalp. It is very important to “open up” the cutical layer of each hair (which is what cleansing does) so the cutical layer can […]