Month: April 2010

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

brazilian keratin treatment
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
I attended the Chicago Midwest Hair Show two weeks ago. One of the things that I wanted to achieve is getting certified working with the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. It is a great product if someone wants to take out 100% of the frizz and up to 80% of the curl. The results from the treatment are soft frizz free hair with incredible shine and lasts up to four months. It can be used on any kind of hair even over processed hair. It will make your hair feel like silk. The treatment will not damage your hair at all! The treatment takes about two hours to do on short to mid-length hair. For longer and more texturized hair it will take alittle longer. Let me know if you are interested in the Marcia Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Pulling out one grey hair

So what really happens is when you notice a grey hair?

You pull it out, right! The action of pulling out the hair may rupture the hair follicle, and the replacement hair that eventually grows in will take longer to regenerate. Then another grey hair will begin to grow next to it. When the hair that was originally pulled out grows back, you have two grey hairs. I hear all the time that people feel like they have to pull out the grey hairs they see. Some people say that they will not do that again. Then others will just keep on pulling the grey hairs out. Oh well!

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Straightening Irons

Straightening Irons can be potentially dangerous to the hair. A thermostatic control can be purchased to ensure that the job is done properly. The heat required to temporarily realign the shape of the hair has to be considerable but does not have to be at the highest setting. Thermal styling aids are a must to insure a protective barrier before one starts straightening the hair. If care is not taken, you may make your hair brittle! Steam-producing irons are less likely to dry out the hair, as these prodvide moisture, Teflon coated irons are best.

The Natural Myth

When natural ingredients are used, they have to be extracted, bleached, masticated, and mixed with other chemicals to preserve them. If you are buying a low-priced product, the chances are that the fragrance is not natural. The ingredients on labels are printed in descending order of percentages, the highest first and the lowest last-look and you will see where the ‘natural’ ingredients are!

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