How to love your Curls again!

"Love your curls"Let me help you learn how to embrace your curls! There is a proper way to style and care for your hair. On the Hollywood red carpets the last couple years, women are starting to let their curls be shown after a lifetime of straightening them. Curls are usually a love/hate relationship with my clients. I think that my clients get frustrated with the curls because they don’t know how to manage them. Curls right now are very big and undefined. Running fingers through your dry hair with a pomade will break up the curls. Whatever the style of your hair, hair health is important. Big and messy hair is good, but Big, Messy and Dry hair is not good. One must do in-home and in-salon deep conditioning treatments to KEEP YOUR HAIR LOOKING GOOD between cuts to smooth the cuticle. Haircuts can be scheduled between 6 to 8 weeks. Remember moisture and shine are the keys to beautiful curls. Hair Helpers! Products used for curly hair Deva Curls, Unite Boing Curls, Smoothing Shampoo from Unite.

Cleaning combs and brushes regularly

It is vital when you are using brushes and combs to make sure they are cleaned regularly. One of the best ways to get rid of the dirt and residue is to: dissolve a tablespoon of washing soda in a basin of water, add a little antiseptic and then tap the brush or comb briskly in it. Afterwards, rinse with clean water.

Straightening Irons

Straightening Irons can be potentially dangerous to the hair. A thermostatic control can be purchased to ensure that the job is done properly. The heat required to temporarily realign the shape of the hair has to be considerable but does not have to be at the highest setting. Thermal styling aids are a must to insure a protective barrier before one starts straightening the hair. If care is not taken, you may make your hair brittle! Steam-producing irons are less likely to dry out the hair, as these prodvide moisture, Teflon coated irons are best.

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