Brazilian Keratin Treatment

brazilian keratin treatment
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
I attended the Chicago Midwest Hair Show two weeks ago. One of the things that I wanted to achieve is getting certified working with the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. It is a great product if someone wants to take out 100% of the frizz and up to 80% of the curl. The results from the treatment are soft frizz free hair with incredible shine and lasts up to four months. It can be used on any kind of hair even over processed hair. It will make your hair feel like silk. The treatment will not damage your hair at all! The treatment takes about two hours to do on short to mid-length hair. For longer and more texturized hair it will take alittle longer. Let me know if you are interested in the Marcia Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

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  1. I would love to hear more about this! Is there a website or a link you can recommend for more information? I have Caucasian, majorly over-processed hair which I have even straightened using over the counter product. The curl is growing back, and with summer coming I would love a way to straighten it without damaging it more. I feel like if I process it even a little now it might all break off!!

  2. Hello!! It is neither a traditional relaxer nor a straightener that can be used on certain types of hair. It doesn’t involve harsh chemical treatment process that can over- process hair and leave it in poor condition. What sets the Brazilian Keratin Treatment apart from older technology chemical straighteners and relaxers? The process doesn’t involve breaking down the hair and restructuring it. The PH range of the BKT is between 4 and 5, exactly matching the normal PH of your hair itself. Keratin is a natural substance which comprises approximately 88% of your hair. It is not meant to be permanent and it does require redoing appoximately every 4 months. After you get the Brazilian Keratin Treatment you must follow some important instructions. Do not wet, wash, use clips or put your hair in a pony tail for four(4) full days. After the four days you can shampoo and condition your hair but you must use products free of Sodium chloride and Sulfates, which if used it will strip the keratin from the hair. This product can be used on the most chemically treated hair and just with a little more patients and time during the treatment. It penetrates the hair repairing the internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results are soft, shiny, straight hair. The results do speak for themselves. You can go to to find out more great info. Hope this helped.

  3. All you need is 2 hours Jody. You will love it!! And yes I know you need this treatment:)

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