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How to keep your Holiday Hair Color!

First you have to avoid the fade. The wrong shampoo makes haircolor fade fast. Make sure the shampoo you’re using is sulfate-free. This makes for a mild and gentler cleanser that won’t make you loose your new haircolor.
If you don’t have time for a full color appointment, a clear gloss can put life back into your hair. The clear gloss will also condition and enhance the sheen. Are you worried about your haircolor fading this winter/season? A time-saving solution is to add a few highlights to your hair. Highlights don’t take nearly as long as a touch-up appointment and strategic placement adds contrast that will make your color pop all over again.
Refreshing your color can just be from a shampoo that contains color in the wash to restore your hairs dulling hues. These shampoos are handy for extending the life of hair that has been dyed red.
If you’re worried about financial demands this season, I will try to come up with a Holiday haircolor plan just for you. I will try to save you time, money and unnecessary frustration.

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