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The Process of Cleansing and Conditioning the hair

To maintain healthy hair you have to wash it on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean washing you hair every day. You do not want to dry out your hair or scalp. It is very important to “open up” the cutical layer of each hair (which is what cleansing does) so the cutical layer can properly absorb conditioning and styling products. I recommend using a really good shampoo. A good shampoo will get way down into the hair and remove all of the oils, dirt and build up from other products, without stripping the hair itself. Shampoos you purchase vary in their formulas. The formulas can range from baby fine to thick hair formulas.
Hair has a combination of qualities. For instance, hair can be baby fine and it can also be color processed. You can always use more than one shampoo at a time to take care of these different shampoo on alternate days.
Lather does not clean your hair- it is mainly for show. Have you noticed: the dirtier your hair the less the shampoo with lather and the cleaner your hair the more the shampoo with lather.
When you have a combination of hair needs such as chemically processed hair that goes limp at the roots you need to clean your scalp and give it some lift. But you also want to avoid stripping moisture from the rest of your hair. Before you shampoo apply a conditioner along the length of your wet hair to the ends. Then place the shampoo at the root area allowing only the shampoo run off during the rinse, to wash over the rest of your hair. This should help get the bounce back into your limp, chemically processed hair.

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