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PerfecTress Transformation Connections

PerfecTress Hair Extensions
PerfecTress Hair Extensions

Texture / Volume / Highlights & Lowlights / Length Do not damage the natural hair Safe to wear Hold securely Easy and fast to fit, a full head takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Easy and fast to remove in 10 minutes!!! no residue left in the hair.  Can be refitted 3 times after the first fitting. Available in two sizes: Small and Medium. Application time is cut down by 50% A full service is easily achievable in under two hours. Other strand by strand systems take twice as long. For a full Lengthening service 75-100 Small and 75-100 Medium are used, depending on the clients hair, size of the head and what size Connections are used. Averagely you will need between 125 and 150 Connections for a full lengthening service Removal in under 10 minutes.  A full service of Connections can easily be removed in under 10 minutes, leaving no residue behind or damage to the natural hair. This is always a big relief for hairdressers as other systems take hours to remove and often leave sticky residue behind and/or damage the natural hair Transformation Connections are easy and fast to fit, a full set takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Removing Transformation Connections takes only a few minutes and leaves no residue behind.  They are reusable up to 3 times after the first application making the system less wasteful. Your client can wear them for a year if they are refitted every 12 weeks or 3 months. When Transformation Connections are removed with the Transformer they are instantly ready to be reapplied. Less wasteful Due to the unique way of attaching the Connections it is now possible to complete a full service in under two hours. This is a enormous step forwards in the hair extension service which up until now was taking much longer to apply (individual strand by strand technique). With the Transformation Connections we have cut down the application time by 50%. You can remove the same service in under 10 minutes leaving no residue and without any damage! This is always a big relief for hairdressers that take on the Transformation Connection Service. It is truly possible to remove the Connections in just a few minutes without leaving anything behind in the natural hair. This is saving hours of time for removal and cleaning the hair. Copyright © 2011 Global Grind LLC All rights reserved Global Grind LLC, 113 West White Horse Road Ste #6 Re-usable The same Connections can be reused 3 times after the first fitting! This means that in fact they can wear the Transformation Connections for one year of constant wearing. This makes it a Reusable and a less wasteful concept. Now they only have to pay for the hairstylists reapplication time instead of having to buy new hair every time. In comparison with other hair extension products this turns out to be less expensive than most other systems. Making it more affordable by a larger group of clients that now can have a high grade product for less money. On our journey to develop this product we have, together with our dedicated advisors and hairstylists, tested the Transformation Connection in most the extreme circumstances.

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A few extensions

I have a client who flat irons her hair almost everyday. Her sides are so dry her hair is breaking off. I told her to give her hair a break. She doesn’t like her hair not flat ironed. She wants to keep her hair long but her sides are gradually getting shorter. The next thing I told her she could do is put some extensions on her sides. I would just be putting in some on her sides to match her back, so her hair doesn’t end up looking bi-level. This is one way if your sides are fine or thin to make it appear fuller. You are not looking at an expensive amount of money to put a few on your sides.

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