Month: December 2010

About Moroccan Oil

76778_10150124650387564_336396232563_7859165_3202853_aI started to use Moroccan oil a couple years ago.  I love this product.   It is ultra light and is a non-greasy formula of Argan oil that seals in shine and looks so healthy.   To use Moroccan oil, take a few drops onto your palms  and massage it onto your hair after shampooing and conditioning.  When you keep on using this product your hair continues to improve, alleviating split ends and brittle ends.  It absorbs instantly into your hair and eliminates frizz, speeding up styling time by 40%.  It softens thick and unmanageable hair, strengthens brittle hair and protects against UV damage and other environmental factors.

Moroccan oil treatment is stored in an amber glass bottle that protects the oil from ultra violet rays that can cause oxidation and degradation.  Suggested uses and directions:  Apply a small amount of Moroccan oil on palms and work through damp hair after shampooing.  Style as usual.  Protection:  Apply a small amount to dry hair to protect from damage caused by sun, wind, and other harsh environmental factors.

Moroccan Oil is a revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning hair product.

Hair Conditioning

When buying a conditioner make sure you pick one with a “thermal protector” ingredient like dimethicone or phenyltrimeticone.  These ingredients protect your hair from heat, which is especially important if you blow-dry your hair. 

 When you are using conditioner, first apply a small amount to the ends,  where the hair is the driest.  Then work towards your scalp.  If you have a frizz problem, just keep the conditioner in your hair.  Do not rinse it out of your hair.  Wash and rinse your hair with warm rather than hot water.  The Hot water strips protective oils from your hair.  Make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing your hair.  Shampoo that is left on your hair can leave a residue on your hair, which dries out the hair strands.

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