Month: May 2010

Got Frizz?


Some of my clients ask me how come there hair is so frizzy. I ask them what styling products they use and how they are towel drying their hair? They usually take the towel after showering and wrap the towel around their head. Then they take the towel and rub, rub, rub until the hair is almost dry. Their hair is dry but however they damage their hair after so much rubbing. To correctly towel dry the hair is gently sqeeze the water out of the hair section by section. Move your head one side to the other until your hair is damp, not wet. Rubbing your hair with your towel is definately roughing up your hairs cuticle. The cuticle is the outside portion of the hairs shaft. By rubbing your hair with the towel is just creating more frizz. when you are dealing with curly hair, it’s better to let your hair dry naturally rather than using a diffuser or blowdryer. If you do decide to use a blowdryer you tend to get flyaways, and frizz. Find away to style your hair curly and let it dry naturally.

Cleaning combs and brushes regularly

It is vital when you are using brushes and combs to make sure they are cleaned regularly. One of the best ways to get rid of the dirt and residue is to: dissolve a tablespoon of washing soda in a basin of water, add a little antiseptic and then tap the brush or comb briskly in it. Afterwards, rinse with clean water.

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