Brushing your hair and dealing with tangles


It is better to remove the tangles with a big toothed comb, starting at the ends. Over-zealous brushing can snap the hair like a rubber band. The best styling results are obtained when using a comb to ease out tangles and brush to style the hair into shape while using the blow dryer.

Straightening Irons

Straightening Irons can be potentially dangerous to the hair. A thermostatic control can be purchased to ensure that the job is done properly. The heat required to temporarily realign the shape of the hair has to be considerable but does not have to be at the highest setting. Thermal styling aids are a must to insure a protective barrier before one starts straightening the hair. If care is not taken, you may make your hair brittle! Steam-producing irons are less likely to dry out the hair, as these prodvide moisture, Teflon coated irons are best.