Texture / Volume / Highlights & Lowlights / Length

PerfecTress Transformation Connections

PerfecTress Hair Extensions

PerfecTress Hair Extensions

Texture / Volume / Highlights & Lowlights / Length Do not damage the natural hair Safe to wear Hold securely Easy and fast to fit, a full head takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Easy and fast to remove in 10 minutes!!! no residue left in the hair.  Can be refitted 3 times after the first fitting. Available in two sizes: Small and Medium. Application time is cut down by 50% A full service is easily achievable in under two hours. Other strand by strand systems take twice as long. For a full Lengthening service 75-100… Continue reading

A few extensions

I have a client who flat irons her hair almost everyday. Her sides are so dry her hair is breaking off. I told her to give her hair a break. She doesn’t like her hair not flat ironed. She wants to keep her hair long but her sides are gradually getting shorter. The next thing I told her she could do is put some extensions on her sides. I would just be putting in some on her sides to match her back, so her hair doesn’t end up looking bi-level. This is one way if your sides are fine or… Continue reading

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