Keratherapy Smoothing Treatment



Keratin Smoothing Treatments are no longer for just a few customers. Every client now wants frizz-free, humidity resistant, silky, shiny hair! Every client wants faster blow-drying or effortless straightening! Every client wants the best conditioned, healthiest hair they can get! With Keratherapy, there is something for everyone, at a price and commitment level just right for them!
The Keratin Treatment category has evolved from a summer only treatment primarily for curly, frizzy hair; to a diverse collection of treatments and home care products that appeal
to every client! It’s not just about straightening anymore, it’s about Smoothing, and clients demand it all year long!
What is “Smoothing”?
?Elimination of frizz
?Immunity from the effects of humidity
?50% faster blow-dry, ironing or overall finishing time ?Stronger, healthier hair
?Longer lasting color
“Smoothing” equals hair in better condition than it ever was before. Smoothing can also be dramatic curl reduction, effortless straightening or frizz-free curls.
Everyone wants Smoothing, and they can achieve it for days, weeks, or months at a time, only with Keratherapy!

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